Motobatt batteries

It is unfortunate that most powersport equipment batteries do not last long. They require repeated charging as they run dry fast, leak easily, and are sometimes damaged when you ride in rough terrain.


Why Motobatt batteries?

Longer Power

Motobatt batteries come with quadflex technology that extends the duration that the battery takes to discharge completely. Forget about repeated charging; power is guaranteed.

When starting the ignition key, high load stresses are placed on the battery. The headlights also put more load on the battery. Motobatt batteries are designed to withstand repeated attempts to start the engine and recover quickly after the ignition is done.


The thrill of powersport equipment comes with rough and bumpy rides. The vibration may damage the batteries by causing faults in the plates that lead to terminal failure. To deal with the problem, Motobatt comes with Advanced Glass Mat Technology that prevents damage even long bumpy rides where damage is most likely. The plates of the battery are encased in a cushioned environment increasing the battery reliability.

The glass matt technology also reduces the mossing effect on the plates where there is a migration of plate sulphation from one plate to the other thereby causing a current short.

Motobatt batteries also have thicker and larger plates that enhance the oxide coverage. Moreover, they have a shorter current path that enables is to discharge and recover faster on a standard alternator than the standard flooded battery. Most wet batteries break down after some time due to this power demand.

Maintenance Free

You do not need to charge the battery before running it for the first time. Just install it in your power sports equipment and go. Moreover, there is no messy acids and water to refill as the battery is maintenance free.

Maintenance free batteries are ideal for equipment that lies idle for long. The batteries stay for long without having any current running in them. Acid-free batteries can remain charged and suffer from less damage through this period. The flooded cell batteries are ideal for equipment that runs every day like the cars.

 4 Terminals

 Motobatt batteries come with four terminals and easy accessory connection to the multiple terminals. It is now easy to power different accessories in your power sports equipment.

We have the right batteries for you

We have many different batteries to fit any model of your all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, motorcycle or the ski jet. Locate the Motobatt battery model that corresponds the model of your powersports equipment in our catalog.



Check out all that MOTOBATT has to offer, and find out which option fits best in your powersports application.

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