The World of Marine Batteries – Part 2

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By: Battery Systems Inc.

Single Battery Boat Setups

Our August article highlighted how you can use starting (cranking) batteries and Deep-Cycle (house) batteries together to get the most out of your boat. There are some cases however when you might choose to use these different battery types separately. Let it be noted that in most cases a dual-battery-setup is preferable.

Single Use of House Batteries

Deep-Cycle batteries are designed to withstand deep and repeated discharges without sustaining damage. For this reason, they are necessary in any battery setup that requires larger DC loads. Sailboats, fishing boats, trolling motors, lighting, etc., is where house batteries really shine. Trolling motors are typically electric motors that slowly withdraw power, and are thus perfect for a single-house-battery-setup, assuming the boat only has one trolling motor on a small watercraft, like in the picture to the right. Although you may be able to get away with the use of only one house battery, the use of both a starter battery and a house battery will improve almost any single-house-battery-setup.

Single Use of Cranking Batteries

Whereas we tend not to recommend a single-house-battery-setup, a single-cranking-battery-setup can be an effective way to run certain boats. Cranking batteries should typically only be used in the initial startup of the engine, so in boats where the engine is always running when in use, a cranking battery is all that is necessary. Wakeboard boats, runabouts, and personal watercraft, can easily get by with the use of a single starting battery. The image on the left displays the correct wiring for a single-cranking-battery-setup.


Although dual-battery systems tend to be a better solution in the marine battery sector, single-battery-setups can often do the trick, especially in the case of single-cranking-battery-setups. To learn more about dual-battery systems check out, and to learn more about the differences between deep-cycle and starting batteries head to

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